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Over the years, NMIMS has grown into an outstanding academic establishment in India covering varied areas of academic interests, and attracting an equally diverse faculty and student body. For further information about NMIMS, click the links below.

Having got the University status, it was decided to pursue new knowledge horizons in spheres other than just management. Since technology is a major driver of change, it was decided to create a separate school for Technology and then another School for Pharmacy. The School of Architecture was followed by the School for undergraduate studies in Commerce & Economics.

The University decided to pursue the concept of a School rather than just a Department because it wanted to pursue not just teaching and research, but also actively engage in the development process. Hence, the Schools at NMIMS reflect a combination of activities like teaching, research, development of programs and technologies, and are autonomous and empowered to create a niche for themselves.

The Schools are:

Centers of Excellence

  • Institute of Intellectual Property Studies
  • Center for Sustainability Management & Social Entrepreneurship
  • Pravin Dalal Centre for Entrepreneurship & Family Business Management
  • NMIMS Academy of Aviation
  • Center for Textile Functions, Shirpur
  • BSE-Centre for Capital Market Studies
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